Beaches of Bonaire

The beaches on the west coast of Bonaire benefit from a calmer sea with small waves, and you will find many hotels and apartments along the beaches here.  Lac Bay is a large lagoon along the southeastern coast of Bonaire.

The azure-blue bay is protected from the wild seas by a mangrove forest and a coral reef.

Lac Bay also has two fantastic beaches, each with their own character and identity.

Sorobon Beach, close to Jibe City, the coolest bar on the island, is a popular gathering spot for young and trendy people who like to show off their tricks on the open waters of Lac Bay. The colorful beach bar has a large number of tables, sofas, and sun loungers with sufficient shade. Jibe City serves a lovely and varied menu, including a selection of fish and meat salads, fresh baguettes, and the daily special, plus ice cream, coffee, and a well-stocked bar that stays open when the sun goes down.