Unforeseen situation around the Corona

Following the decision by the Governor of Bonaire, due to the current unforeseen situation around the Covid-19 Virus, to no longer allow aircraft and cruise ships, we would like to inform you about our cancellation policy. Like many other companies, we have decided to offer the option to change your current booking (s) free of charge (no change fees) and we will keep current payments in full deposit for12 months after the original booking date.

Until now, almost all our customers are very happy with this solution we offer and appreciate our flexibility.

We hope you do too, although we are well aware that some have a different opinion. We must all bear our share of the burden and solve it together. For now and in the future.

If you cannot reschedule your trip, we recommend that you contact your travel insurance and you can use our booking confirmation email to submit your claim to your travel insurance.

Let's hope that this situation is brought under control as soon as possible so that we can all live normally again. We sincerely hope to meet you on your next trip to Bonaire in the near future to fully enjoy all aspects of our beautiful island.